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I've been training with the Fitness Shed Online for 8 months now

and I'd highly recommend it to anyone! 


When I started at the Fitness Shed I was suffering from severe Post Natal Depression and was very overweight. My self confidence and self esteem were at rock bottom. It was my husband who suggested I try the Fitness Shed and despite feeling extremely nervous I did! 

I've been to several gyms before and have never felt comfortable or stuck at them for more than a month or two. The Fitness Shed has a fantastic atmosphere and is different from every other gym I've been in. From day one I felt completely comfortable!


Eventually I decided I wanted to train more often and didn't want to have to worry about what times due to arranging childcare/ having to cancel if something came up etc so I changed to The Fitness Shed Online. The app is great, it's simple to use, there are detailed explanations and videos for every exercise and the workouts are easy to follow. Being able to train whenever you want is great.

Rodger discusses your goals etc with you and makes sure you are always working towards them. He changes the workouts when needed so you need never get bored, he pushes you to improve and answers any questions /concerns you may have promptly. There are weekly and monthly check ins so he can keep an eye on your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your workouts. These are followed by reports so you also know how you're getting on. 


Now I've dropped several dress sizes, having lost weight and more importantly inches. In fact, despite weighing more than when I got married my wedding dress just hangs off me it's so big! I'm much stronger than I used to be and am continuing to gain strength.

Training has massively helped my mental health, in fact I'd say it's essential to my continued wellbeing. 


Joining the Fitness Shed Online is definitely the best thing I've ever done for myself. It may be online but it's definitely not one size fits all… It's completely tailored to you.


If you're considering it I'd definitely say give it a go! 

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